Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure used to treat severely decayed or infected teeth.

About This Treatment

A root canal is a procedure used to treat severely decayed or infected teeth.

Teeth requiring root canal therapy can have deep cavity, traumatic injury, be cracked, chipped or had a new crown or filling that is large.

Patient’s symptoms may include one or more of the following:

  • Increased sensitivity or pain to hot and or cold
  • spontaneous pain
  • pain to pressure or biting
  • dull ache
  • sharp shooting pain
  • facial swelling.

What to expect during a root canal treatment?

If you have any of the symptoms listed, you will likely need a root canal treatment. 

During root canal treatment the nerve of the tooth is removed leaving the tooth in the mouth in function.

The nerve of the tooth is contained in the core of the tooth extending through canals ( hence the term root canal). If this nerve gets infected , pain is then felt. 

If an infection is left untreated, it can travel throughout the tooth and cause a painful abscess.

Once a root canal treatment is completed, most of the time the teeth need to be protected by a crown or an onlay.

At A Glance

Dr. Germain is the best dentist that I have ever been to and I would highly recommend her! I initially went as I had significant pain in my tooth. She is so smart and was able to provide instant pain relief without having to go through a root canal. I ended up deciding to get Invisalign through her as well and I am so glad that I did. I was anxious about the process at first, but she was there to help me every step of the way. I am almost done with my Invisalign treatment and it could not have been a better experience. Thanks so much for everything, Dr. Germain!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect on The Day

Step 1: the tooth is fully numbed so that the treatment is carried out comfortably.

Step 2: The tooth is then isolated with a sheet called rubber dam to ensure that the area is kept as sterile as possible. This will help prevent from new bacteria contamination of

Step 3: The root canals are located within the tooth. They are then cleaned using modern flexible titanium rotary files. Root canal files are only ever used once in our office. The canales are thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants.

Step 4: The canals of the root are filled with a rubbery like material to prevent new infections to occur. The tooth is then filled with a white filling core material.

How do I know I need a root canal?

If you experience or see any of the following:

  • severe or spontaneous pain
  • sensitivity with hot or cold food and drink
  • pain when biting down or chewing
  • swelling in the gums
  • teeth discoloration
  • gum sensitivity
  • pus or abscess present
  • swelling and tenderness in the jaw lymph nodes
  • bad breath that doesn’t go away
Will I have pain after the root canal?

While severe pain after a root canal isn’t common, it is common to experience a bit of discomfort in the treated area.  Soreness and tenderness can be felt while the body heals.

It generally takes a few days to recover from a root canal. Any pain that persists can be a sign of a problem.

Also know that even if the dentist has removed the nerve root from the tooth, there are still small nerves in the ligaments and tissue surrounding the tooth. When this area is inflamed, such as after a dental procedure, these nerve endings can also register discomfort.

What is a root canal re-treatment?

A root canal can fail even after many years. Continuous symptoms, or a new abscess formation can lead to the need to redo the root canal treatment. 

Failure can occur for a variety of reasons including difficult or curved canals, complicated tooth anatomy or if the tooth was not covered with a crown or an onlay  as soon as possible after the root canal treatment was complete. 

Failure can also occur If there is further tooth decay occir, if the crown placed on the root canal tooth becomes defective. If the tooth is not protected with an onlay or a crown it can also cause fracture of the tooth. However, even if looked after well, root canal treated teeth can still fail. If this happens, further re-root canal treatment may be necessary.

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Client Reviews

Highly recommend Dr Germain and her colleagues. Not only she has a great personality, she makes sure that the BEST job is provided and the patient is happy with her job. Best experience I had in a dental practice.
Maryam Javidan
Maryam Javidan
Dr Germain did my orthodontist work. She has done a tremendous job and was really attentive to answering my numerous questions.
She was also available to deal with my queries even out of office hours.
I highly recommend dr German for anyone looking for a truly caring and qualified dentist.
Grégoire Pennec
Grégoire Pennec
My experience with Dr. Germain has been nothing short of a pleasure. The attention to care and comfort is second to none and it’s a genuine joy to go to the dentist when being seen by Dr. Germain. She has taken her time inside and outside of our normal appointments to ensure that I am getting the treatment that I need to be confident about my teeth and oral hygiene. Superb knowledge and facilities, top tier professionalism but also a reassuring and friendly presence - couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Ryan Couch
Ryan Couch
Dr. Alexandra is the best dentist you can find in London! I contacted her for an emergency and I got an appointment within 1 hour! She is not only an amazing doctor but also a lovely person. I would definitely recommend her.
Benedetta Bisetto
Benedetta Bisetto
I was very nervous going to the dentist after too many years avoiding it. Dr. Germain was amazing! Professional but down to earth, she was able to put me at ease. Setting up appointments with her assistant, Chloe has been a breeze and very client-centric. Definitely recommend!
Saul Palomera
Saul Palomera
Dr. Germain is the best dentist I’ve ever had. She is incredibly thorough, uses the latest technology, and is totally present and focused during visits. I actually look forward to cleanings with her! The relaxing music and overall environment help. :) I recommend her enthusiastically!
Sonia Miranda Tekle
Sonia Miranda Tekle
Dr Germain has literally changed my life for the better! Thanks to her amazing meticulous work, she was able to conduct the best smile makeover for me.

I’m over the moon with my new smile!
Sam EA
Sam EA
Yay! Finally found a good dentist in London. Dr. Germain does all the right checks (lymph-nodes, tongue and mouth check, jaw, etc) and her cleaning is the best I've had in London. She doesn't waste time trying to upsell you on things (this can be common in the US) but she'll answer all your questions and provide an opinion on options and cost and leave it with you -- which is great. Definitely my primary dentist now.
Excellent dentist with a wonderful sense of humor, patient-focused, available and sympathetic. I had total confidence visiting the office multiple times during the pandemic. She has a very good associated periodontist. If you are looking for an American-style dentist I highly recommend Dr. Germain. She is also experienced with US dental insurance forms.
Robin Abrams
Robin Abrams
Dr. Germain is an OUTSTANDING dentist! She exceeded my expectations in delivering the highest quality results and a smile that brings me so much confidence. She is professional, thorough, efficient and cares about me as a patient. She's proactive and checks in post-dental work to make sure all is going smoothly; I couldn't recommend her enough! She has made visits to the dentist much more positive than any other dentist!
Georgina Fitzpatrick
Georgina Fitzpatrick
Dr. Germain is incredible about seeing the whole picture, made the biggest difference to my face, teeth and I’m incredulous more dentists are NOT like her but wow! I am LUCKY to have found her. She is incredibly tenacious about getting results you are happy with. Her ethics are second to none. The people she co-ordinates with are incredible. Her team are wonderful. She works for you. I now have my gum lines fixed, a set of straight, all natural looking teeth (I showed her my picture before accident so I look like me again!) and my whole face looks fresh. Taken years of me. I can smile!!!
Akashia LondonTalent
Akashia LondonTalent
Dr Germain is an excellent dentist and a lovely, warm and caring person. She is highly knowledgeable and skilled and takes the time to fully explain everything she does so that you feel comfortable and informed as the patient. As a Canadian, I previously had avoided dentists in the UK, preferring to wait until I returned to Canada several times a year to go to a dentist I trusted. I searched long and hard for a dentist I felt confident in in London, and I am so happy to have found an excellent dentist in Dr Germain. I would highly recommend her!
Hayley Jones
Hayley Jones
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