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Mouth guards

A Mouth Guard is a device that is fitted over the teeth to help protect them from grinding and keeping them from becoming damaged during sleep.

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About This Treatment

It can protect the teeth from becoming worn away, cracked, and broken over time

Different types of Mouth Guard exist and therefore you might find that they are also being referred as:

  • occlusal splints
  • bite guards
  • muscle relaxation appliances
  • Kois Deprogrammers
  • Michigan splints 

They are typically worn on one jaw, creating a protective barrier between your teeth. It is important to ensure a proper fit in order to prevent any further damage.

What are the risks of  teeth grinding (Bruxism) or clenching?

Over time, it can cause:

  • Chips, fractures, breakage, and wear of teeth
  • Damage to existing dental restorations, requiring replacement.
  • Damage to the enamel that increases risk of tooth decay.
  • Gum disease, from excessive pressure on tooth roots.
  • Jaw pain and TMJ disorders.
  • Disrupted sleep.
  • Headaches and migraines.

Not only can it wear down enamel, but it can result in:

  • Tooth fractures
  • Loosening of teeth
  • Loss of teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Sensitivity
  • Pain
  • Receding gums

Night mouth guards help by:

  •  reducing or eliminating morning headaches 
  •  Relieving muscular jaw pain
  •  reducing tooth sensitivity from bruxism. 
  •  relaxing jaw muscles, which can reduce spasms if already present
  •  preventing teeth from wearing
  •  Protecting teeth from fractures

At A Glance

I have been grinding my teeth for years. I used to wake up with headaches and muscle pain in my jaws. Other dentists have been making me again and again these hard guards that I used to just discard during the night. Dr Alexandra did what she called a bite adjustment and then fabricated a different kind of guard that is so soft. It really changed my sleep. I highly recommend her. And her office is stunning!

-Google Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Teeth Grinding and Clenching (Bruxism)?

The main causes of Teeth Grinding and Clenching are:

  •  stress and 
  •  poor bite.

 People often take out their worries, fears, and stress subconsciously, while they sleep, causing the muscles and joints associated with the mouth to become strained and overworked. These muscles can go into spasm, and the joints  in the head can become inflamed ( TMJ). 

Teeth clenching and grinding can also result in the loss of enamel, causing teeth to become more sensitive and causing the eventual need for root canal therapy and crowns

When tooth structure is worn down, the bite collapses, resulting in the face developing an older appearance. Grinding can also cause teeth to fracture and can cause mobility of the teeth. When the bite is off, the muscles and joints can become strained, resulting in TMJ problems and jaw pain. When this happens neck problems and headaches can arise, and one’s posture can become affected. 

Are Night Mouth Guards One Size Fits All?

No. Night mouth guards can be ineffective and uncomfortable unless they are fitted and custom-molded to the teeth. Bulky over-the-counter night dental guards and boil guards are not typically recommended as they do not offer the same benefits as a dental night dental guard. Some cheaper versions may actually cause more harm than good.

How Do I Keep My Night Mouth Guard Clean?

Every day, you should rinse and brush your mouthguard thoroughly, allowing it to dry completely. It should be stored in a case to prevent warping. On a weekly basis, you should deep clean the guard with a denture cleaner or other acrylic cleaners to ensure that it stays sanitary and lasts as long as possible.

How Long Do Mouth Guards Last?

The longevity of your night mouth guard will depend on several factors:

  •  the material and thickness of the guard : some are soft and some are rigid, depending on the extent of the bruxism
  • your symptoms
  • The severity of the clenching and grinding
  • the quality of the guard

        Some guards last only months, while others can last for years. No night guard will last forever unfortunately, and it will eventually need to be replaced. 

If I Have Dental Implants, Could I Benefit from A Mouth Guard?

Yes! Once you’ve invested in dental work like implants, it will be preferable to protect both them. Using a night guard can help prevent damage to dental work like dental implants, fillings, and crowns and Veneers. 

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Client Reviews

Highly recommend Dr Germain and her colleagues. Not only she has a great personality, she makes sure that the BEST job is provided and the patient is happy with her job. Best experience I had in a dental practice.
Maryam Javidan
Maryam Javidan
Dr Germain did my orthodontist work. She has done a tremendous job and was really attentive to answering my numerous questions.
She was also available to deal with my queries even out of office hours.
I highly recommend dr German for anyone looking for a truly caring and qualified dentist.
Grégoire Pennec
Grégoire Pennec
My experience with Dr. Germain has been nothing short of a pleasure. The attention to care and comfort is second to none and it’s a genuine joy to go to the dentist when being seen by Dr. Germain. She has taken her time inside and outside of our normal appointments to ensure that I am getting the treatment that I need to be confident about my teeth and oral hygiene. Superb knowledge and facilities, top tier professionalism but also a reassuring and friendly presence - couldn’t recommend her more highly.
Ryan Couch
Ryan Couch
Dr. Alexandra is the best dentist you can find in London! I contacted her for an emergency and I got an appointment within 1 hour! She is not only an amazing doctor but also a lovely person. I would definitely recommend her.
Benedetta Bisetto
Benedetta Bisetto
I was very nervous going to the dentist after too many years avoiding it. Dr. Germain was amazing! Professional but down to earth, she was able to put me at ease. Setting up appointments with her assistant, Chloe has been a breeze and very client-centric. Definitely recommend!
Saul Palomera
Saul Palomera
Dr. Germain is the best dentist I’ve ever had. She is incredibly thorough, uses the latest technology, and is totally present and focused during visits. I actually look forward to cleanings with her! The relaxing music and overall environment help. :) I recommend her enthusiastically!
Sonia Miranda Tekle
Sonia Miranda Tekle
Dr Germain has literally changed my life for the better! Thanks to her amazing meticulous work, she was able to conduct the best smile makeover for me.

I’m over the moon with my new smile!
Sam EA
Sam EA
Yay! Finally found a good dentist in London. Dr. Germain does all the right checks (lymph-nodes, tongue and mouth check, jaw, etc) and her cleaning is the best I've had in London. She doesn't waste time trying to upsell you on things (this can be common in the US) but she'll answer all your questions and provide an opinion on options and cost and leave it with you -- which is great. Definitely my primary dentist now.
Excellent dentist with a wonderful sense of humor, patient-focused, available and sympathetic. I had total confidence visiting the office multiple times during the pandemic. She has a very good associated periodontist. If you are looking for an American-style dentist I highly recommend Dr. Germain. She is also experienced with US dental insurance forms.
Robin Abrams
Robin Abrams
Dr. Germain is an OUTSTANDING dentist! She exceeded my expectations in delivering the highest quality results and a smile that brings me so much confidence. She is professional, thorough, efficient and cares about me as a patient. She's proactive and checks in post-dental work to make sure all is going smoothly; I couldn't recommend her enough! She has made visits to the dentist much more positive than any other dentist!
Georgina Fitzpatrick
Georgina Fitzpatrick
Dr. Germain is incredible about seeing the whole picture, made the biggest difference to my face, teeth and I’m incredulous more dentists are NOT like her but wow! I am LUCKY to have found her. She is incredibly tenacious about getting results you are happy with. Her ethics are second to none. The people she co-ordinates with are incredible. Her team are wonderful. She works for you. I now have my gum lines fixed, a set of straight, all natural looking teeth (I showed her my picture before accident so I look like me again!) and my whole face looks fresh. Taken years of me. I can smile!!!
Akashia LondonTalent
Akashia LondonTalent
Dr Germain is an excellent dentist and a lovely, warm and caring person. She is highly knowledgeable and skilled and takes the time to fully explain everything she does so that you feel comfortable and informed as the patient. As a Canadian, I previously had avoided dentists in the UK, preferring to wait until I returned to Canada several times a year to go to a dentist I trusted. I searched long and hard for a dentist I felt confident in in London, and I am so happy to have found an excellent dentist in Dr Germain. I would highly recommend her!
Hayley Jones
Hayley Jones
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